Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone vs BB Comparison

Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone vs BB Comparison - Confused buyer guide choosing the best phone 2017 smartphone with the best Operating System (OS) one of the important things we need to consider before going to buy a smartphone is the Operating System that is carried. Because each operating system has its own differences, both in terms of appearance, features up performance. Of course, in addition to a consideration of other important considerations such as the selection of Brand or Brand, Specifications, and Budget.
Android vs iOS

Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone vs BB Comparison

There are at least four types of Operating System that already widely used by smartphone users, such as Android, Windows Phone, iOS, and Blackberry. For friends who happened to be confused to choose a smartphone with OS that suits your needs and tastes, here will review the comparison between the four Operating System specifically for Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone vs BB

1. Android
Android is an operating system released by internet giant Google. Launched in 2007, now Google's OS output has mastered the mobile market with Android OS. The popularity of the Android OS to be able to dominate the mobile phone market around the world, the reason for this is Open Source OS that can be used in other gadgets than on a smartphone device. With its Open Source, best Android OS has many applications available selection of developers of applications, where the application is called the Play Store. Besides the Android OS can be used on smartphones with low price to the highest price. That is presumably the reason why an advanced Android OS are very popular.
Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone vs BB Comparison

2. Windows Phone
Windows Phone is an operating system developed by Microsoft reputable company that was created to rival the popularity of Android. Availability OS is still less popular by Android. However, Microsoft continues to innovate to continue to spread its wings into the main competitor of Android. Smartphones are familiar using this OS is the Nokia Lumia and is now beginning to follow such as HTC and Lenovo. Applications are available in the Windows Phone OS still far behind what is on Android.

3. iOS
iOS is an OS created by Apple, the existence of this OS can only be used on Apple devices only. Applications are available on iOS is already quite a lot, though not like Android is Open Source. Applications are available on iOS (AppStore) have the high security of a virus that is better than Android.

4. BlackBerry
BlackBerry OS is an operating system developed by the company Research In Motion (RIM) in Canada. This OS is used only on BlackBerry products alone, as well as the OS iOS are only used for their own products. BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is featured chat application that is owned by this OS. Smartphone BlackBerry was popular in the era, before the end of the night is broken by the presence of Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone vs BB Comparison

Price Comparison
Android certainly has a lot more price variations, the Android OS can be encountered in various local and Global Brand smartphones by offering the cheapest prices below up the price of high grade. As for Windows Phone, not much different from the Android has more price variations. Only the availability of Windows Phones not as many Android smartphones. Then for iOS-based smartphones, the price offered is relatively expensive but has its own prestige. And for the BB, the average price is still a bit expensive and now combine with android.

For business applications are certainly masters of Android, the availability of the three most other competitors. iOS also have considerable application availability under Android. As for Windows Phone and BB, the availability of applications is still far behind by Android and iOS.

Android has a different interface in accordance with the vendors which support, because Android is widely used by vendors such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, Lenovo, Huawei, Advan, and so on. So, every Android interface has a different characteristic, according vendors which supports.
iOS has a user-friendly interface that is typical Apple design, the interface uses have a more modern look with color variations are presented on iOS Guide.
Windows Phone interface used seemed stiff and does not have a widget choices are complete.
As for the BlackBerry has a user friendly interface that is less flexible.

Protection / Security
For this one was the champion if iOS is compared with the three competitors, the article Apple has a closer scrutiny of the applications it provides. And Apple has a better control of the same practice-support applications for iOS devices. Should I get an iPhone or android?

Battery Life
The fourth OS actually has the endurance battery life is not much different, the difference lies in the capacity and use of applications only. To cope saving battery power, of the four OS is already provided enough power saver application helps to excessive power consumption.- Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone vs BB Comparison-