iPhone 8 LiFi Tutorial

iPhone 8 LiFi Tutorial - iPhone 8 LiFi technology will allow its user to surf super fast on their latest iPhone. Apple is currently rumoured to be testing iPhone 8 Li-Fi technology to be used on its upcoming devices. It will replace the current Wifi technology. iPhone 8 LiFi will use totally different approach to transfer the content from the internet. Read here iPhone 8 LiFi Tutorial, it will use the visual spectrum for data transfer instead of radio waves.
iPhone 8 LiFi Tutorial

iPhone 8 LiFi Tutorial

The iPhone 8 LiFi move the traditional WiFi antenna will be replaced by amazing iPhone 8 smart LED light bulbs that will flash to send binary codes. Many will worry about the irritation they will have to face by this flashing of light but behold! before you start using iPhone 8 LiFi read the iPhone 8 guide first to know how to use it and for the best settings. Many peolpe criticising Apple for that, let me tell you that flashing iPhone 8 LiFi will be within matters of a second, human eye, not at all will be able to see iPhone 8 LiFi features.

iPhone 8 Tutorial
During the experiment, the company was able to transfer data at eye opening speed of 1 Gbps. That means your iPhone 8 LiFi technology could fill your 128GB iPhone variant in two minutes. Lifi is a Light modulation certainly isn’t a new concept to move things forward and enable connectivity through simple Lifi LED bulbs.

With iPhone 8 Li-Fi, you can connect to the internet simply by being within range of an Lifi LED beam, or you could conceivably transmit data using your car headlights. The ramifications of this are huge, especially with the internet of things in full swing and the much mooted spectrum crunch expected to bite increasingly hard in the coming years.

iPhone Lifi Guide
iPhone 8 LiFi will be the main selling point of it if this technology finds a place in it. Nothing can be said about it. iPhone LiFi is in its initial phase of development, which means it will take a time to debut on a smartphone. On the other hand, Apple Lifi has stunned us on the launch of every new iPhone. This time too, Apple is sure to do the same. Lots of Lifi spotlights in a room, with people wandering along with their iPad, iPhone and other gadget passing through various beams, and the connection remaining constant throughout. And it’s this exact thing that PureLiFi is working on next for home automatisation for new Apple HomeKit.

The iPhone 8 will be the best phones 2017 with lifi technolgi. The Li-Flame will create the equivalent of a wireless network by turning LED bulbs into wireless access points, effectively letting you move between light sources without losing your connection. The Li-Flame will also lifi feature a mobile unit that you can attach to your portable device, thus making it compatible with Lifi LED connectivity on iPhone XI. thats still maybe.